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Esoke Cutural Arts Center

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The Group

Here you can find class types, times, and meet some of our Drummers and  Dancers.

Our Staff


  • Quarieb S. Muhammad, Musical Director      
  • Alim S. Muhammad
  • Katja Otto-Gentry
  • Kalimara Otto-Gentry
  • Jabriel Muhammad
  • Jabari Muhammad
  • Austin Fayne
  • Darius Harris
  • Shawn Sykes
  • Donvionte Phillips




  • Yaminah Muhammad, Artistic Director
  • Jamila Nooner 
  •  Malikah Muhammad

Youth  Dancers

  • Thomas Fayne
  •  Kierra Fayne
  • Mykala Cole
  • Khadijah Muhammad
  • Mykala Norwood
  • Isis Blue
  •  Austin Fayne
  •  Imani Muhammad



picture from the Kansas City Star


Yaminah Muhammad, Artistic Director

Classes and Workshops available in:


West African:  Students learn proper body alignment, technique, the proper use of time, space & energy to articulate professional stage apperance.  Participants study centruy old dances that mock farming, harvesting & celebratons.  courses offered are from Mali, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, & Guinea.

Caribbean:  Students study fancy hip and foot movement from the Caribbean.

Our Location

We'll put our address and directions to our office here. We might also include a map.